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What our Action Takers Have To Say About UE


I'm a proud father, entrepreneur and UFC Ultimate Fighting Champion. My legacy is not how many fights I win but how many Lives I change. Marcus, is a game changer! he put together a community to promote Greatness.

— Edward Gordon,

I Love being connected to humble, hungry and passionate people. I am honored to be a part of this TRIBE! The courses and community are a gift to my life. It's time to grow and prosper! S/O to Marcus and crew! I'm ready to reach One Million People! It's our time.

— Misty Smith, Founder of Selfless Expressions

I first met Marcus when his craft and dream were just forming in his head and heart. I saw ambition, genuineness, and a desire to use his God-given gifts to touch the world. I believe in his message.

— Pete Evangelista, CEO of