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What People Are Saying About Marcus

“Dynamic. Actionable. High-Energy.”


I'm a proud father, entrepreneur and UFC Ultimate Fighting Champion. Marcus is an absolute game changer! what he brings is sheer Greatness.

— Edward Gordon, EddieTruckGordon.com

There were many days I cried, but the voice that was so empowering was Marcus'. His dynamic actionable on time messages hit a spot in my heart that began to resonate as I started self examining. Marcus' His high energy has uplifted and awakened life in me again. I believe again. Now I'm standing, running a race with a new melody and stronger faith. Thank you Marcus!

— Misty Smith, Founder of Selfless Expressions

I first met Marcus when his craft and dream were just forming in his head and heart. I saw ambition, genuineness, and a desire to use his God-given gifts to touch the lives of MILLIONS. I believe wholeheartedly in his message.

— Pete Evangelista, CEO of PetraBiz.com


"I wanted to jump, leap, laugh, cry. Goosebumps after listening to Marcus."- Yerassa & Shantel


The entire world needs to hear Marcus “Elevation” Taylor’s message. Of the dozens of authors I’ve read and motivational conferences attended, none have had the depth of emotion and the precision of his words that can be heard in Marcus’ voice. I first came across Marcus on Motiversity during a workout and was happy to find he had much more content that I continue to listen and relisten to.

— Justin Reed, CEO of Beachcliff Technologies

I've been following Marcus since his debut speech "THE GAME CHANGER" in 2020. I knew the day would come when all of the pain, all of the struggle, all of the perseverance, all of the sacrifice would explode with the residue landing on others. My life has never been the same since applying Marcus’ masterful speeches. He is a God-led, Word-fed, and Love-bred human being. The marketplace will soar to new heights as Marcus leads the way.

— Letia Nichols, President of Kingdom Age Productions

Marcus Taylor is one of the best speakers I've ever heard and had the pleasure to work with at Motiversity…and we listen to thousands of speakers every single year. His speeches are transformational, dynamic and inspiring. He has a rare gift that only a few people (like Tony Robbins) have of being able to get an audience excited while also providing real world strategies and techniques based on your WHY. In the past two years he has reached tens of MILLIONS of people with his powerful speeches on Motiversity, making him one of the most listened to speakers online.

— Joel Huculak, Founder and CEO of MOTIVERSITY


Over 35 MILLION views via YouTube Playlist

Featured Speech: "I Must Keep Going"

The gap between who you are and who you were DESTINED to BE is closing NOW! — Marcus Elevation Taylor




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